Our Music Stands is made up as a system there everything is thought about to make it easy for You. It works for single musicians as well as for bands and orchestras.



Nilton Magic has a foldable screen as well as the stand, put the stand inside the screen and fold it toghether.


Easy to carry and pack

Place the Nilton Magic in a soft bag, place it on your sholder and bring it with you where ever you go. Our hard cases fit 8 Nilton Magic stands. They are stackable and made to withstand rough treatment


Magic Lamp

The Magic lamp can be attached at the top of the screen. Fits perfectly for the screen and can be put inside the foldable screen for transport.


Windy weather

We offer two accessories for windy weather

• the weight, applied at the bottom of the stand for extra support.

• the note clip, holds the scores to the screen.


Nilton  STANDS  fOr MusiC